Here are 7 reasons why women do not like you; what to do, to look more attractive – Video

Although some will argue that you should be yourself and the lady who likes you will find you, some will argue that how you present yourself is extremely important.

As a male, finding and obtaining the right woman goes beyond who you are and why you may feel you do not need to make improvements in your life.

That should be the reason why women dislike you, even though you believe you have what it takes to impress any woman you want.

If you consider these seven explanations and make the requisite changes in your life, you will not only be able to attract the right lady, but you will also be the ideal gentlemen that everyone wants to be around.

There are the seven reasons why women dislike you:

  1. You are So Loud: Are you the kind of guy who demands that everybody listen to you? Are you the loudest person in the audience who still has the final say? Most women would prefer a quiet gentleman over a loud dude, so that is a major turnoff for them.
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2, You Live A Life That Is not Inspirational: Well, your life is not inspiring! It is just what it implies. You do not appear to be able to work out what you want to do with your life. You have no passion, no motivation, and no hope of making the woman like you.

  1. Take It Easy On Her Body Compliments: Are you the one who always thinks, “Hey babe, you look sexy?” Many women, on the other hand, do not want their bodies to be the focal point of any discussion. She understands, she is well-endowed, and she does not need your approval. Let it go.

4, You are So Self-Conscious: You are unable to acknowledge and consider the opinions of others. Mr. Know-It-All, you seem to be. For women, this is a huge turnoff. Though self-assurance is impressive, women prefer to be with someone who cares and respects their viewpoint.

  1. Your Appearance Is not Up To Snuff: This aspect cannot be emphasized enough. Who you are will undoubtedly draw who you are, but when you work to improve your appearance, pay special attention to your personality. Your demeanor enhances your appearance and makes you more appealing.
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6, You are Talking So Much: Just shut up, dude. Many women admire men who talk slowly but listen quickly. From boasting to yourself if you are so full of yourself. It is completely off-putting.

  1. You are So Clingy: Give her some breathing space. She does not want you in her personal room all of the time. And do not give her too many messages… She has a life to lead.

These are the points raised by Broadcaster Jessica Opare-Saforo in a Youtube video she posted on her website, which nicely sourced and wrote.

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