“He called me and told me he will pay my Ghc30,000”- Comfort reveals why she did not go to disrupt the wedding (video)

Richard Agu’s ex-girlfriend, Comfort Bliss, has threatened to make some damning charges against him if he does not pay her the GHc 30,000 she spent on him.

The furious girlfriend agreed to an interview when Richard was in Obuasi for his wedding, and she poured everything she had on her mind, from how they met to the last money she gave him.

Richard Agu owes her money, she reported (but she failed to disclose the exact amount in question this time around).

She went on to state that the groom, Richard, called her hours before the wedding to beg and promise her that he would refund every penny he had taken if she would avoid tarnishing his name.

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Richard agreed to pay her on Monday, according to Ease, and she is eagerly waiting for him to do so, or else Ghana will be unable to contain the two of them.