handsome man redefines true love after he flaunted his chubby girlfriend (photos)

True love does exist, as proven by the relationships of these two couples.

Relationships today are more likely to finish in tears than they were in the past, when partners will split for good. This is because many people base their relationships purely on their partners’ physical appearance rather than their inner attractiveness.

To find true love nowadays, one must have good looks or a lot of wealth. You would have a rough time seeking a lover if none of the above considerations are present.

Overall, certain people are blessed with a caring heart that focuses on someone’s personality rather than their physical presence.

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A trending story and pictures of a guy and his obese girlfriend illustrate such true love. The anonymous gorgeous man took to Twitter to flaunt his chubby girlfriend and share his love for her.

I love her heart not her looks” He captioned under the photos with his chubby girlfriend.

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