“God Gave Doctors wisdom to do liposuction so it is not a sin”- Salma Mumin

At the moment, liposuction and other sorts of surgical operations Ghanaian female celebrities are undergoing to enhance their bodies are one of the most debated problems on the Ghanaian social media sphere.

Because just when the topic of a certain celebrity is ready to die down, another individual will muddle the waters and bring it back up for discussion, it seems like the debate will never come to an end.

Accra FM’s Nana Romeo posed the question to Salma Mumin, a well-known Ghanaian actress and cum entrepreneur, in the wake of the recent discussion regarding some new celebrities who have undergone the procedure. Salma Mumin responded by stating that she does not understand why women are never satisfied with how God has created them.

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In response to this, Salma stated that the issue was not one of being pleased; nevertheless, the majority of women who undergo such treatments only want to look better.

The proprietor of Salma Eatery went on to say that individuals should desist from assaulting women who have these procedures done to them since God, in his infinite wisdom, has given the ability to perform these treatments to the medical professionals who perform these procedures.

She questioned why God would bestow upon them such knowledge if he did not believe that it was essential for them to go through with the operation.

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You can see Salma make this remark in the video below…