“give birth and advise your daughter not mine”- fella blast critics as she showers money on Island.

 Actress Fella Makafui loses her cool after a blogger brand a video of Island Frimpong with packets of Ghc50 notes as “foolishness.”

Fella Makafui posted a video of her daughter, Island Frimpong, receiving packets of cedis notes from an anonymous uncle earlier today, March 31, 2021.

In a video obtained by buzzgh.com, the almost one-year-old baby Island was seen playing in her “one corner” as her uncle handed her some GHC50 bills as Fella Makafui hyped him.

In the video, Fella Makafui can be heard telling her daughter, “You like money…?”

Fella Makafui broke out laughing as Baby Island looked at her mother with her adorable eyes.

Many people, including an Instagram blogger with the username “Hiz Sarpomaah,” believe Fella Makafui is teaching her daughter to be a lover of money based on the video above.

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Fella Makafui, according to the blogger, should consider giving her daughter a decent education and proper upbringing rather than forcing her to know money at such a young age.

Nti saa na ay3 den @fellamakafui @amgmedikal …….I think the best legacy for a child is good education and proper upbringing and not this …..nsemhunu saaa,maka aaa maka 🙄😏😏!!!

Fella Makafui, who did not take the blogger’s message well, cautioned her not to write about herself or her daughter.

It’s best you don’t post or blog about me and my daughter again !!!

And if you wanna advice someone ,kindly give birth and advice yours 🙏🏿 #disrespectfully

"give birth and advise your daughter not mine"- fella blast critics as she showers money on Island. 1
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