Girl marries her SHS 2 teacher, who used to lash her while on national service.

Chisom Agoawuike (Halita), a stunning young lady who goes by the name @iamhalita on Twitter, has revealed that she has married her high school teacher.

The gentlemen had come to teach in Chisom’s school as part of his mandatory national service after graduation from tertiary school, according to Chisom.

Chisom was in SHS 2 at the time, and she says that the instructor beat her up a lot in an effort to punish her and keep her in shape.

How it all began vs. how it’s progressed – the couple describes how their love tale progressed from grass to grace.
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Chisom disclosed that the biggest reason her husband used to scold her back then was that she was late to school, and that although he meant well, it was not her fault.

She clarified that she was expected to help out on the farm every morning before leaving home because she came from a family where they had to work hard to make ends meet.

She says so herself:

He was always flogging me for coming late to his class but I never told him that we had to go to the farm every morning before coming to school.

Girl marries her SHS 2 teacher who was on national service & used to lash her