“Ghanaians do not value the sacrifices i have made for the country”- Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan, better known by his nickname Baby Jet, served as the captain of the Ghanaian Black Stars for many years.

Despite all of the effort he has put into making his country proud, Gyan claims that Ghanaians do not appreciate his efforts enough. He asserts that Ghanaians do not recognize or value his efforts or the sacrifices he has made on behalf of the nation.

He went on to reveal that he used to take injections just to keep himself looking younger and stronger so that he could make his country proud. However, whenever he fails to make his country proud or fails to deliver, Ghanaians criticize him, and even his entire family gets their fair share of the criticism.

During the course of an interview, he expressed his thoughts as follows:

“During games in the tournament, I had to take injections to kill pain and force myself to play. There was one game against Namibia and the fans were expecting Ghana to beat them like 10:0. It was one of those days… There was one chance from an acute angle”

“The goal keeper couldnt grasp the ball and I shot the ball and it went wide. People jumped on me that I missed that chance, they threatened my family and insulted my mother. It was even worse than what happen at the world cup in south Africa. I told myself, I sacrifice myself for you but You dont see it.”

“My mom called me in the morning crying, I also started crying and that was when I threatened to leave the camp. I took my things and left. But former President Kuffour spoke to me. That time I vowed that when I see a Ghanaian outside and I see a Nigerian Outside, I would help the Nigerian, I was very mad”