Ghanaian Woman who was beaten on the streets of Germany tells her side of the story (video)

Earlier yesterday, we reported about an incident that involved a couple fighting on the streets of Germany.

The lady involved has narrated her side of the story as to what happened.

In the narration, the lady corrected the reports that the man she was fighting was not her husband but rather the boyfriend of her best friend.

According to her, the said friend has a child with the gentleman, the kid went missing for some days and upon research, they found out that the man had the child in his possession.

She went there with her friend to take back the child but things got physical which led to her been assaulted on the streets.

She revealed that, the issue was reported to the police and the man was arrested hours after the incident.

She added that she is very surprised because her friend has failed to call her or check up on her after she fought to protect her, and that they are not even in talking terms now.

watch what happened in the video below.