Ghanaian bride struggles to enter car due to her tight-fitted wedding dress – Video goes viral

A Ghanaian lady’s dream of a lavish wedding has come true, but it probably did not do so in the way she expected.

She’s garnering attention in the online media thanks to a video showing her attempting to board a special truck for her wedding.

This is due to her corset-lined, extremely tight-fitting wedding dress, which nearly caused her to choke.

She found it difficult to move her entire body and needed the assistance of her stylist and some strong men to help her get into the car.

In the viral video, a man is seen assisting the bride in getting into the car while another person helps position the bride’s extravagant dress and get her legs inside the vehicle.

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In the humorous footage, the staff tries their best to get her into the vehicle. She was heard asking for a chilled bottle of water to ease her worries after the dramatic event ended.

watch the video below: