“Funny face went to JUJU to be popular and is now facing the consequences”- pastor reveals

A few weeks back, Pastor Prince Elisha Osei came to say that an adversary in the industry had sent Funny Face to kill an influential spiritualist.

Mama Sarah, another prophetess, announced that Funny Face has been cursed by a heavily endowed woman on the seashore and he is suffering.

The actor reacts well to counseling and his baby mama also visited him with their children yesterday.

Just as we figured that all was finished, a pastor came out to say that the actor was behind his own troubles.

Reverend Moses Addo Sampene, a senior pastor at Shalom Chapel International, says that in his search to be an eager star in Ghana, Funny Face took the wrong turn.

Funny Face went to a spiritualist to get help to become popular, the man of God said in a video, and he is now experiencing the detrimental impact of what he did years earlier.

watch the below video.