Friend Drop Video Of Married Police Officer Tycoon Explaining Why He K!lled Girlfriend Maadwoa – Watch

Police Officer Darko, also known as Tycoon, is currently on the run for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Maadwoa. 

According to eyewitnesses, he shot her five times on Thursday April 20, 2023 in Adum, Kumasi. 

The Ghana Police Service is searching for Tycoon and a video recording circulating online appears to confirm that he committed the crime. 

In the video, Tycoon called a friend and admitted to killing Maadwoa because she was “flexing” on him despite all he had done for her. He then instructed the friend to keep quiet about the conversation.

The video has since sparked outrage among Ghanaians who are calling for justice for Maadwoa. Many are questioning why Tycoon would take such a drastic step instead of walking away from the relationship if he felt he was being taken for granted.

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Watch the video below;