Fetish Priest Impregnate wife of Popular Pastor who came to him for help

news reaching us has it that a fetish priest has done the unthinkable after he was bold enough to impregnate the wife of a pastor.

The incident was said to have happened in a small community called Onitsha.

According to sources, the fetish priest is well known with Businessmen and others coming to him for spiritual help but never did the community know that the wife of a pastor will also come to seek help.

The sources reveal that the pastor and his wife were in need of a child and couldn’t wait on the lord any longer so decided to visit the shrine.

It was within that time that the fetish priest manage to sleep with the wife of the pastor, planting his seed in her.

The act was later on exposed by people close to the fetish priest.

Since the news went viral in the community, many people have described the woman as a witch and called on the Pastor to immediately divorce her and marry another woman.