“feel free to hate my mother, she doesn’t even care”- Afia Schar’s twin son speaks (video)

one of the twin boys of comedienne and media personality Afia Schwarzenegger has responded to a photo of his mother kissing his twin brother on social media.

Akuapem Poloo’s court case, which ended in her being arrested and sentenced to a 90-day prison sentence, has dominated social media in recent days, with many sympathizing with her for her tragic situation.

Many netizens have insulted Afia Schwarzenegger, who for some odd reasons has cheered her former ally’s jail sentence while tossing jabs on social media to defend her position on the subject, with some claiming she is next to face the laws of the country.

In light of this, old photos of Afia Schwarzenegger kissing one of her sons and even seen in a provocative pose with her sons have resurfaced online, leading some netizens to fear that she, too, is guilty of the same crime as Akuapem Poloo, and that she will be detained and charged.

This call from some Ghanaians prompted one of her twin sons to react for the first time on social media in a video seen by buzzgh.com to clear the air on the photo.

He claims they are no longer children and are above the age of 18, but his mother, Afia Schwar, will kiss them on the lips if she so desires.

He went on to state that the photo had little to do with child trafficking, as has been widely reported, and that no one can link it to it.

He went on to say that her mother could not care less if anyone hated her.

Check out the video below: