“Fatima is arrogant she told me to my face that i had a bad mouth odor”- Khadija

Although it has had its fair share of issues, TV3’s Date Rush has become the most-watched television show in the country.

However, during the Sunday reunion, Khadija, one of the attractive participants, accused Fatima, another girl, of being arrogant after experiencing fame.

According to Khadija, Fatima once insulted her and told her straight in the face that she had a bad mouth odor and that she should buy herself some toothbrushes.

Khadija stated she was deeply affected when Fatima uttered those words to her because she mistook her for her own sister on TV3 during the Date Rush Reunion event.

“She even came to my birthday party and helped me cut my cake. But she has changed a lot and is now acting disrespectfully,” Khadija said of Fatima. “