Fantana Threatens to snatch wendy shay’s boyfriend this Val’s Day

Fantana and wendy shay have been throwing jabs at each other for some time now since wendy disclosed that Fantana was not rich and she is only bragging with the wealth of her mother.

Fantana after series of shots aimed at wendy shay, managed to get her to back down from the beef after wendy shay disclosed that she does not want to Beef fantana because she will not get anything from it.

Fantana has taken the fight back to her after she posted that she will snatch wendy’s boyfriend this Val’s day and show the guy that he is rich by spoiling him on a dinner date and expensive gifts.

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Even though Fantana did not mention any names, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the message was directly for wendy shay.

smiling,bc im gonna take your man on val’s day and show him to my rich world” she posted.

see the post below.