Fameye visits the Coconut tree that made him Popular to remember his past (photo)

No matter how far you go, you have to always remember your roots and singer Fameye has shown how well he remembers his past.

Fameye went to the location where his first video went viral making him famous barely a year ago.

He recorded a freestyle under a coconut tree and when the video went on social media, everyone loved it.

Now he is an established musician in Ghana and decided to visit the same spot where his blessings came from.

Fameye posted a picture of himself under the shades of the tree and told his fans now he was blessed.

“This was the same place my viral video nothing I get was shot ?? 3nd3 hw3 me ho chains? nipa b3kas3 3y3 ahomasuo but ebe Blessings” he wrote.

Fameye revealed that he was humbled by all that has happened.

see his post below.