“Facebook mallam defrauded me Ghc 2000 and slept with me in addition”- lady shares her story (video)

Quick-fix miracle workers and self-styled mallams have been invading the national capital and other parts of the country for quite some time now, publicly advertising their supernatural prowess on posters along main highways, at markets, and at transportation terminals.

Some, on the other hand, use social media sites for advertisement and deception in order to defraud people of their hard-earned income, as a young couple recently discovered.

In a phone interview, a Ghanaian lady named as Gifty accused a bogus mallam in the Ashanti Region’s capital, Kumasi, of defrauding her family of 2,000 Ghana cedis in March.

According to the survivor, she saw the said Mallam on Facebook and, because of the problems she and her family were experiencing, she wanted to ask him for assistance because, based on what she saw on the Website, she was sure he would be of assistance.

Gifty called the mallam after getting his number and told him about her concerns. The mallam requested that she bring 2,000 Ghana cedis in exchange for a gigantic 50,000 Ghana cedis. This piqued her curiosity, so she told her husband, who was away at the time, and he also spoke with the mallam.

They eventually decided to visit the Mallam one-on-one in Kumasi, where he claimed to live, to perform the rite that would make them 50,000 Ghana cedis rich in the blink of an eye.

When he arrived at the meeting location (Kumasi Airport Roundabout), the Mallam asked his boy to pick him up and take him to the shrine. The Mallam was not in the temple when he arrived, but he had told the boy to send him some ‘oil’ to bathe in.

He was then taken to the Airport Hotel for an oil bath and told that he would be picked up from the hotel and taken to the shrine to meet the Mallam later, which they did a few minutes later.

He eventually met the Mallam and gave him the 2,000 Ghana cedis, expecting to return home with a total of 50,000 Ghana cedis. However, things did not go as expected, and he was asked to purchase some products and take them home to perform the rituals himself.

He was given instructions, which he followed when he returned home, performing the rituals but not receiving the money.

They attempted several times to contact the Mallam to share their disappointment, but the Mallam never answered their calls. Gifty, on the other hand, was able to locate the Mallam, who instructed her to visit the shrine alone, without her husband’s knowledge, in order to obtain the capital.

Gifty, who was scared, went with her husband and baby to the shrine, but she left him in the middle of the road as she went to the shrine alone. According to Gifty, the Mallam believes that gods from both of his parents’ families are to blame for his husband’s unfortunate occurrence, but that there is a way to get the money.

Gifty’s ‘orgasm,’ according to the Mallam, is the only thing that can prevent the gods from messing with the ceremonies, so she had to finger herself right in front of him so she might cum.

Gifty mentioned that she hardly cums, but working it out by herself would be difficult, so the Mallam proposed that she make someone ‘do it’ with her. She went on to say that she was speechless and terrified, so she just stayed quiet and let the Mallam do it in the shrine with her, cleaning her cum with a material and doing whatever he wanted with it, but she didn’t get the money.

Have a look at the video below.