Face Of Gloria Kani’s Nice-Looking Husband Exposed After She Corvereed His Face – Photos

The face of Gloria Kani’s husband has been revealed!

Pictures from Gloria Kani’s wedding just appeared online. Gloria’s admirers and lovers cheered her on and wished her success in her marriage.

Gloria Kani released further images, one of which showed her husband, whose face was hidden.

Later, she appeared on-air to say that she had secretly wed a year earlier and that her due date was approaching.

Gloria Kani said she had learned her lesson and would never again expose herself in the same way as before.

However, she had already published a picture of her husband with only his face covered, so it was probably too late.

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The face of Gloria Kani’s husband has now been made public. Additionally, Gloria and the man dated for a period, and Gloria associated him with her pregnancy.

Gloria Kani reportedly pushed the man to marry her when six months pregnant because she felt it would reflect poorly on her work as an evangelist.

Check out his photos below;