‘F()0Ls!! Anyone who thinks living Abroad is hard doesn’t know what they are saying’- Twene Jonas

Twene Jonas, a notorious Ghanaian figure, has come out once again to criticize Ghanaian politicians.

'F()0Ls!! Anyone who thinks living Abroad is hard doesn't know what they are saying'- Twene Jonas 1

The notorious man started showing off the wonders of the white man’s nation in a recent video on his social media platform.

Moving on in the video, he started talking about European officials, claiming that they are more concerned about their people than Ghanaian leaders.

He went on to say that Ghana’s politicians don’t give a damn about their people, and that the Ghana Police are just too stupid.

He went on to say that instead of arresting numerous Members of Parliament and ballot box robbers, the Ghanaian police are attacking ordinary citizens for no cause.

He went on to say that elections are held for the citizens of the country, not for politicians, and the people grant politicians the power to represent the country.

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He went on to add that everyone who claims that the United States or any other white man’s land is hard to live in is a fool because Africa has much more poverty than people believe.

He also said that the Toyota Highlander over which people are fighting in Ghana is being used as a taxi in the United States, and then showed one of the taxis to back up his assertion.

Twene then went on to state that people like Afia Schwar, Moesha Buduong, and Mzbel are only joking around and encouraging nothing in Ghana while the white men are talking about what will take them forward.

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He also said that Tracey Boakye will be searching for someone to sleep with for financial gain at this time.

This and several more points were said by Twene Jonas in the video below: