Evangelist Addai shares photos of an Airplane he’s building 1

Evangelist Addai shares photos of an Airplane he’s building

Self-acclaimed Ghanaian prophet Evangelist Addai has revealed his inventory skills as he shares photos of himself working on an incomplete airplane which he claims he is building.

From the pictures, He is the only one with the plane and the question is how many decades will it take to build a private jet sized plane all by one person.

Evangelist Addai was in the headlines of showbiz news after the death of the Ghanaian actor Bishop bernard Nyarko for claiming he will resurrect the third day just as Jesus did in the bible. It getting to a mouth now as Ghanaians still wait for that prophecy to come true.

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Evangelist Addai Shares Photos Of An Aeroplane He's Building. 2

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