Empress Gifty Mocks Piesie Esther After VGMA Artist of the Year Snub

Empress Gifty, a famous gospel artist from Ghana, recently made a tweet that has caused quite a stir on social media. Although she didn’t mention any names, many people believe that she was throwing shade at Piesie Esther.

In her tweet, Empress Gifty said that she needs a new TABLE tomorrow, followed by nine laughing emojis. The word “TABLE” has caught people’s attention and sparked mixed reactions.

Empress Gifty Mocks Piesie Esther After VGMA Artist of the Year Snub 1

Ever since the VGMA24 Artist of the Year nominees list came out, there has been tension between the Church and The Streets. Some people were rooting for Black Sherif to win, while the Christian community was supporting Piesie Esther.

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Piesie Esther was closely supported by a group of men who push the gospel agenda and lobby for them to win awards called the Table of Men. Akwasi Aboagye is their chairman. This group championed the course to see their fellow Christian Sister Piesei Esther win the day but that never happened. Black Sherif who represents the streets has come Top of all artists in Ghana.

Empress Gifty’s tweet is seen as a dig at the Table of Men who supported Piesie Esther. She is saying that the Table of Men is weak and needs a new one because Piesie Esther couldn’t win the artist of the year award.