Emelia Brobbey Throws A Birthday Party For Her Beautiful Twin Sisters in England – Video

In the UK, Emelia Brobbey is acting like a wealthy aunt and big sister. The actress took a plane to the continent of Europe to visit and celebrate her sister Akua Payin Brobbey’s birthday.

The television host uploaded a video to her Instagram account from a personal birthday celebration in which she and her sister were both dressed in white dresses.

The sisters and other partygoers demonstrated their dancing prowess. Emelia Brobbey was seen in the video caring for her niece Mia. She wrote; in the video’s captions.

I visited my sister on her birthday. Happy birthday to my sisters Payin and Kakra Akua Brobbey. I love you. Lots of love from QUEENEMM @iam_akuabrobbey @maame_aakuaa

Emelia Brobbey made separate posts to wish her younger sisters a happy birthday in addition to the birthday party images.

She began by writing a post for Akua Kakra Brobbey, the younger of the twins and an adventurous woman. She captioned the photo with;

Happy birthday to my sister Akua kakra Brobbey! More blessings beautiful @maame_aakuaa

She wrote a letter to the elder twin, Akua Panyin Brobbey.;

Happy birthday to my sister Akua Payin Brobbey @iam_akuabrobbey. More blessings beautiful


Happy birthday to her


So lovely


Happy birthday, stay blessed