“Eliminate fake mallams and juju men from the media as soon as possible”- Ex-president Kufour asks stakeholders. (video)

Ex-President Kufour has entered the long list of public figures who have voiced their anger at the killing of a 10-year-old boy at the hands of two teenagers in Kasoa.

The two teenagers, according to the former president, had little life experience. Kufour, the former president, went on to criticize the media and political representatives.

Former President Kufour said that exposing these fraudsters in the media should not be encouraged because it breeds acts like those committed by the two teen suspects.

Former President Kufour defined the Mallams, also known as Juju Men, as “bad” and “ignorant” people who defraud communities.

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Former President Kufour urged authorities, social and political figures, and the media to confront the fraudsters who are practically hijacking the airwaves with worthless claims and to eliminate them as soon as possible.