The bias against Ewes is unfair and must stop – “Ayigbe” Edem

Popular Ghanaian rapper Edem has spoken out about what he terms “blatant discrimination” against the Ewes, Ghana’s third-largest ethnic community.

The bias against Ewes is unfair and must stop - “Ayigbe” Edem

To him, the act of disrespect for the majority of the people from the Volta Region of Ghana is utterly insane, and it must be stopped.

Edem pointed out instances where Ewaes are treated with scorn just for the sake of it when tweeting about the contentious tribalism problem.

Ewes are disrespected, looked down upon, and even denied marriage, he says. Edem claims that Ewses’ time for fair treatment is now.

Edem condemns Ethnic dominance or tribal supremacy, where people of particular ethnic or tribal orientation are mistreated and demeaned.

he tweeted;

You would never ever truly feel how Ewes are treated till you are in the skin of one..From insinuations ,to preconceived notions,to subliminal disdain and disregard ,at work places in social circles ,to marriage ,in closing deals,it’s crazy #Unapologetic #Ayigbeboy

The bias against Ewes is unfair and must stop - “Ayigbe” Edem

below are some reactions that tests to what Edem is talking about;

Kofi Nutekpor replied: Then u shining Ewe guys get money noor you go and mary Akan ladies. Stonebwouy and yourself. Even Rawlings was caught in this trap

Gh Pascal wrote: I went to both JHS and SHS in Volta so I never experienced this until I went to College. Words can’t describe my awful experience and it’s really sad these are people who will lead this country in the future.

Freddy wrote: that perception is very disheartening and i hope people would see it’s long overdue they put a stop to that. Sometimes it’s very difficult being an ewe in some places

Drago wrote: Last month I visited one of my friends she was with a friend I said hi she didn’t mind me and walked out I asked my friend why that attitude she said the girl doesn’t like Ewes chale