“Ebony must be celebrated every year so that we will always remember her”- Maame Serwaa

Actress Maame Serwaa has defended the father of Ebony amidst insults when he announced that he will be celebrating the birthday of Ebony every year.

Some Ghanaians reacting to the reports revealed that it was not necessary and that Ebony is gone and should be allowed to rest, other described Mr. Kwarteng (Ebony’s father) as someone who is fame-hungry and wants to stay in the limelight for long.

Clara Benson, Known widely as Maame Serwaa has revealed that there is nothing wrong with Mr. Kwarteng wanting to celebrate his daughter.

According to her, people who lost someone close to them can be unpredictable because of the pain and therefore should be allowed to mourn their loved ones for as long as they chooses.

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she added that Ebony died young leaving no kids behind and it will be necessary for her loved ones and fans to do something every year so that she is not forgotten.