Drew Barrymore loves running out in the rain and she just proved it

American actress, producer, talk show host, and novelist Drew Barrymore is trending today after a video of her running in the rain went viral online.

The actress made headlines in May when she urged her followers never to miss the opportunity to run out in the rain.

It appears she is walking the talk and not just saying it for trend’s sake.

Drew Barrymore uploaded a video of herself running out in the rain and saying the same words she said back in May, that her fans should not miss the chance to walk out in the rain whenever it is raining.

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Netizens have responded positively to the video, with some saying they feel more alive after trying it.

@iSmashfizzle said this on Twitter: 

nobody is healing their inner child harder than drew barrymore

@pmc871 also tweeted:

I will always love and adore Drew Barrymore.

Watch the trending video of Drew Barrymore running in the rain below.

Drew Barrymore is a member of the Barrymore acting family and has won numerous awards, including the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

She has also been nominated for five Emmy Awards and the British Academy Film Award.

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