“Dreadlocks should be allowed in school for fashion sake”- Samini

Samini, a Ghanaian dancehall musician, has weighed in on the ongoing debate over whether or not Rastafarians should be allowed to wear their locks in schools.

He has argued that locks should be permitted in schools for the sake of fashion, but not for religious reasons.

Allowing Rastafarians to keep their locks in schools, according to Samini, is a slippery slope for others to claim their rights as well.

The musician stated that “rules are rules,” and that once a person joins a group, they must follow its rules.

His statement comes after Achimota School denied some students admission due to their dreadlocks, which they wear as a religious symbol.

Take a look at his post below…

Been observing this Achimota School-Dreadlock drama for a minute. Here’s my take. Rules are rules. The many responsible…

Posted by SAMINI on Wednesday, 24 March 2021