"Don't wish to be like anyone, people have bigger problems than you think"- Vim Lady 1

“Don’t wish to be like anyone, people have bigger problems than you think”- Vim Lady

UTV presenter Afia Pokuaa, Popularly known as the vim lady has shared a word of advice to all her followers.

According to Vim lady, people should be content with what they have and should not let social media fool them.

She revealed that people who give pressure on social media have bigger problems that they do not show the world so we should all be content with what we have.

She wrote in a post on her Instagram page: “Don’t assume everyone smiling on social media has it all. Money, good health and peace of mind. Stop accusing God because you think you have more problems. NO WHERE COOL. Stop wishing that you were this person or that person. If only you knew the PROBLEMS they are carrying, you will be singing praises to God. Be content with what you have. The people on social media have more problems than you. Most of them are smiling with HOPE or PRETENDING. DON’T COME AND KILL YOURSELF”.

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