“Don’t put pressure on yourselves, I don’t buy most of the things you see me wearing, they are gifts or sponsors” – Nana Ama Mcbrown

Empress Nana Ama McBrown, who is probably one of the top celebrities in the country, has talked openly about how she gets the expensive and stylish clothes she wears all the time.

The actress, who was just named the most stylish celebrity for 2022 at the YEN Ghana Awards, said that she rarely buys clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

McBrown claims that over 90% of the jewelry, shoes, and outfits we see her rocking were gifts to her.

She went on to say that since she receives a wide range of clothing from various stylists, many people have a huge impact on how she appears.

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She also receives most of her makeup done for free, in addition to receiving free clothes and shoes.

Because of my job, I need to look stylish. I have a lot of people that sow for me and I have a lot of people that give me hair. Like Nat Luxury hair, I’m even wearing one of their hair products right now. They are a lot, Meg, Lauren Wood, Nicoline and this young girl Neil Davis – said Mcbrown

The endearing actress thanked her fashion team for helping her go this far in terms of fashion and gave them flowers as a gift at the conclusion of her award speech.

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McBrown fervently urged the teenagers not to feel under pressure to acquire the same exact clothing she wears just because she doesn’t.