Angry Emelia Brobbey slams critics: "Don’t listen to my music if you think it is bad" 1

Angry Emelia Brobbey slams critics: “Don’t listen to my music if you think it is bad”

“I was hurt and felt bad when people start insulting and criticizing me over my music,” Said Emelia Brobbey who has seen some of the worst criticism in the industries. The actress who recently ventured into the music industry always becomes a laughing stock whenever she releases a new song.

She released her debut song ‘Fa Me Ko’ and though it was her first, she managed to channel all efforts to bring out her best but was faced with massive criticism and ridicule which could have jeopardized her career. Nevertheless, Emelia continued to release powerful singles like “Odo Electric” among others.

Emelia Brobbey

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She is out with another song featuring the reigning artiste of the year for 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Kuami Eugene dubbed ‘Makoma’ but she is still faced with the same fate – as people keep dragging her on social media for what they deem as bad content.

Emelia Brobbey who seems to be fed up with all the trolls at her believes it is hard time people stopped criticizing and rather not listening to her song if they find it unappealing. “If you think you don’t like my song or video don’t listen or watch it”. she said in an interview with Angel FM.

She lamented that the situation got worst when a twitter user described her music as noise comparing it to the sound of a popular household saucepan. “It got to a point somebody told me my voice was like the sound made by ‘555’ saucepan”, Emelia Brobbey recounted.

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According to Emelia Brobbey, such comments and ridicule kills the spirit, and using herself as an example, it took the motivation and advice of her management and people in her inner circle to get her back into the music.

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