Don’t Bring Your Wife Abroad, They Will Show You Pepper When They Arrive – Lady Advises Men (Video)

A Ghanaian lady living overseas has warned Ghanaian men to never consider moving their wives in with them.

She discussed in a TikTok video how some Ghanaian guys who moved their wives to join them abroad went through hell.

She claims that these spouses abruptly abandoned their traditional Ghanaian roles and began to imitate Western women.

They quit cooking for their husbands, she claims, and share household duties with them.

They starve the men even sexually, since they are aware that they cannot be forced to carry out their marital responsibilities without breaking the law.

The woman said that most Ghanaian men who live abroad have been kicked out of their homes by their wives because of fights at home, and that the men can’t do anything about it because laws favor women.

She summed up her advice by saying that you should bring your kids and siblings instead of your wife, because as soon as she leaves Ghana, she stops being the traditional Ghanaian wife.

watch the video below: