Does having s3kx with married men taste different from having it with your boyfriends? – Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty, a Ghanaian gospel singer, has questioned the appeal of sleeping with married men for slay queens and side chics.

This comes after news of Maa Adwoa’s alleged murder by her married police boyfriend, who was said to have been her sidekick.

Empress Gifty expressed confusion over why some women choose to pursue relationships with married men during a Facebook live session with her fans and followers.

She went on to say that it is important for women to value themselves and not settle for less than they deserve. Empress Gifty emphasized that there are plenty of single men available and that it is not worth risking one’s safety and well-being for a relationship with a married man.

She also called on society to stop glorifying the behavior of slay queens and side chic’s and instead promote healthy relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

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Overall, Empress Gifty’s comments shed light on an important issue that affects many women and serve as a reminder to prioritize self-love and

“I want to ask if sex with married men is different. How does it feel like? Is it different from the ones you have with your boyfriends’?

“If the insecurities start, it’s either they shoot or poison you. He will poison you to death. Anyone who dates a married man should be careful. It’s okay, whatever you have gained is enough. Pack and leave. Unless you tie him down somewhere or use charms on him. He will never leave his wife.

She continued: “The first sign to look out for is insecurities. When you start seeing that, leave! The second sign is that he will get abusive. He will start beating you in public and embarrassing you in front of your friends.”

“With such relationships, you don’t break things off just like that. You need to be tricky and careful. Start with fasting. Immense him in the blood of Jesus and ask God to help him take their eyes off you. Stop giving him sex,” she concluded.