Disable man and his wife dance and give thanks to God for blessing them with a baby boy (video)

Ghanaians have responded to a video of a disabled man and his able-bodied wife dancing in church to express gratitude after the birth to a boy.

they went to church to show thanks for the gift of the womb and devote their infant, much as the ten lepers who were cured but only one returned to give praise did.

In the video, the man with a physical impairment is seen dancing enthusiastically with his abled wife as they step side by side to the altar.

Despite his physical limitations, the man could be seen dancing with his wife, who carried their baby in her arms, to offer thanks to God for blessing them with a boy.

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The grateful couple can be seen in the video cheering with the congregation as several representatives sprayed them with wads of cash.

watch the video below.