“Homosexuality is not the only sin, Fornication And Lying is also a sin” – Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton, a multiple award-winning gospel singer, has lent her voice to the current controversy in Ghana about the legality of homosexuality and the Christian viewpoint.

Homosexuality is not the only sin, Fornication And Lying is also a sin - Diana Hamilton

In regards to the activism for the emancipation of LGBTQ+ rights in Ghana, Diana Hamilton claimed that God’s grace abounds for those who want to avoid participating in all kinds of sexual immorality.

speaking on Kastle Drive show, the gosple singer said;

“When you read 1Timothy 1:8-11 it’s very clear that it’s like any other sin. Homosexuality is a sin that will not be allowed into the Kingdom of God. But grace is available to anyone who is practicing it and wants to stop.

“They are the people that Jesus came for so God extends a hand of grace to these people and we plead with God to have mercy on them to have a change of mind,”

Diana Hamilton goes on to state that as a Christian, she acknowledges that Jesus Christ and the holy bible disapprove of homosexuality, however, this does not extend to other sins, including deception, fornication, and adultery.

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she added;

“I think that when an issue comes up and a lot of people have had their say, sometimes you’re better off because there are a lot of men of God involved who have spoken up on the LGBT+ rights.

“One of them being the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost who happens to be my father so I will come from a Christian point of view. Jesus and the word of God is against sexual immorality and homosexuality,”