Diamond Appiah accused of stealing a baby in the united states.

Diamond Appiah, a failed actress, and politician have been accused of stealing someone’s baby and claiming it as her own.

Diamond Appiah has gotten herself into a tangle with a ghost blog that she says is for Mzbel for some strange cause.

Diamond has been dragging Mzbel for quite some time,

It has now devolved into a shady brawl between Diamond Appiah and a group of bloggers.

Diamond Appiah posted a picture of herself and a baby on Instagram yesterday, saying she gave birth to him in America.

Her baby, she claims, was born in America to a billionaire father.

She has, however, been accused of stealing the kid.

Diamond Appiah allegedly posed with someone’s baby, according to reports.

Diamond Appiah has not given birth yet, according to blogger Mari Gyata, and time is catching up with her as she approaches menopause.

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