Delay Meets Her Meter As Dr. UN Warns Her To Be Careful During An Interview – (Video)

A video of Dr. UN attempting to intimidate Delay by warning her to be cautious of the questions she asks him on her show has gone viral.

Delay, as usual, posed an intriguing question to Dr. Un about why he jumped bail in 2018, which he refused to answer, telling her to be cautious with her questions because he is not a small person as we perceive him, having been interviewed on CNN and other major platforms.

According to Dr. UN, Delay should be cautious about what she says to him and try to drag things with him for her safety.

Delay questioned whether it was a threat or caution because it appeared he was trying to intimidate her at all costs.

This is going to be a fun interview because based on how Dr. UN dodges almost every question Delay asks him aside from his award.

Watch the video below;