“Dating a young man is a waste of time”- Akua GMB

Akua GMB has revealed her motives for accepting to be the 4th wife of Billionaire Kwaku Oteng.

In an interview with Stacy Amoateng, she disclosed that men chase beauty queens after a pageant like flies.

“If you’ve had the opportunity to become a beauty queen, you will understand what I’m about to say. Men chase you like flies,” she told Stacey Amoateng in an interview.

She added that she also faced the same challenges but decided to settle her billionaire husband after giving him a tough time.

She disclosed that her husband was a good man and was so humble that was why she agreed to marry him.

“So, I had that opportunity to choose any man that I wanted including people who were bigger and richer than my husband. But I always say this; my husband got me with his humble nature – he is one humble soul. I’ve never met a man like him who is so humble and down to earth.”

"Dating a young man is a waste of time"- Akua GMB 1

“I knew who he was before we dated but I was not out there so all I knew was Dr. Kwaku Oteng…he chased me for a long time. He will confirm when you meet him.”

she added that, after giving the proposal a lot of thinking, she came out with the conclusion that dating young boys was a waste of time.

“The point is, I dated young guys but yielded no good result. They were not honest and transparent, and some of them would steal your money from your purse. So, what’s the sense in marrying a young guy while people envy but suffer.”

“I always say that even taxi drivers and other people who are not rich have as many as three, four, five, girlfriends. How much more him [Dr. Kwaku Oteng].”

Akua also confirmed rumors that she almost walked out of her marriage among other things.

“So, social media trolls affected me. At a point in time, I wanted to get out of my marriage because I felt I’m not a bad person but people see me as an evil person because of the kind of person I married. But now, I’ve grown a thick skin for that.”

“I can’t say he is perfect but he is a good man. So, if you sit there and judge him, you don’t know the kind of heart he has.”