#Daterush: “Your mother sells indomie and you take Trotro every day”- Friend exposes Rose for saying she is an Uber girl.

On this week’s episode of Daterush, one of TV3’s most famous entertainment series, things took a drastic turn. The show’s host, Giovani Caleb, asked some of the show’s previous contestants to come back for a reunion and to check on the love lives of the ladies who had walked away with dates.

Rose is one of these women, who walked away from Manbossey after he insisted on keeping her in a hurry. Rose’s sudden outburst during the reunion on Sunday ignited controversy on social media, with many people calling her a rude girl. It all began when her date, Manbossey, protested to Giovani that Rose’s only concern was money.

” It was so bad that whenever I texted her how she was, she’d say she was broke and needed money. She even told me the last time she took a commercial vehicle was 2018. She claims that she is an uber lady and takes uber to anywhere she had to go. I was upset because I felt she was being unrealistic with her demands.” Manbossey lamented.

Rose, obviously insulted by Manbossey’s statement, retorted, “I have needs, and as a man you are expected to take care of my needs!!” I’m an Uber girl who can’t recall the last time I rode in a “troski.”

Unfortunately for Rose, one of her classmates at the same school claimed clearly that Rose was a liar. Rose used to ride in a commercial vehicle to college, and her mother sells indomie at a renowned Accra eatery, according to the friend who wishes to remain anonymous. This leads one to believe that Rose is attempting to be something she isn’t.

#Daterush: "Your mother sells indomie and you take Trotro every day"- Friend exposes Rose for saying she is an Uber girl. 1