"Dag Heward mills scammed me twice"- Lady drops bombshell 1

“Dag Heward mills scammed me twice”- Lady drops bombshell

Gemini Goddezz, a Ghanaian entrepreneur and social media influencer, says she is unconcerned about the latest charges leveled against Bishop Dag Heward Mills of Lighthouse Chapel because she always suspected he was a scam artist.

Following reports that six former pastors of the church were suing over the church’s failure to pay their SNNIT benefits while serving there, Goddezz took to social media to share what she knew about the church as well.

She claims she learned a long time ago that Lighthouse is about money, not redemption or something else.

She even says Bishop Heward Mills ‘conned’ her a few times until she knew what was going on and quit the church.

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“I left the lighthouse never to return to Christianity or other religion,” she said. This Dag erh Ankasa is a scam artist. I was not going to wait until the third time he did it when he had already done it twice.

“He would come to our branch in the guise of regeneration and miracles, just to have a fund-raising event. I joined the church after graduating from JHS at the age of 14 and left after a decade!! Tweakai!!!!! I left after seeing the business going on inside his church.

“His assistants are the same as he is; they only have various methods of doing it.

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I know certain people on my list would be offended by this, but Chale, the reality is one. Everything churches exist to make profits. Neither heaven nor happiness are possible.”

"Dag Heward mills scammed me twice"- Lady drops bombshell 2

Her fears arise as a result of the viral story about the six pastors who are suing the church. Ghanaians are concerned about how churches have been too money-focused in this day and era.

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