Daddy Lumba Dead? PRO reacts to trending story

There have been some sightings on some internet blogs that legendary hi-life musician Daddy lumba has kicked the bucket.

Many of Ghanaians were shocked by the news, but thankfully the PRO of Daddy Lumba has spoken with Ghanapage Editor Rashad to rubbish the claims saying the artist is well and healthy.

Roman Fada (The PRO), disclosed that some Ghanaian Bloggers and Editors are senseless and he does not know how many times they want to kill the legendary musician before his time.

He revealed that he and the Team behind Lumba, will take anyone on legally in court if they find out those behind such foolish claims.

Roman Fada assured fans that Lumaba is well, and that they should pay less attention to what they see online.

We are happy to know Daddy Lumba is well, his death will surely have been a huge blow to the country Ghana.