Cryme Officer Part Ways With Ogidi Brown Music After Signing With ‘Schnapp And Egg’ – Video

According to reports this evening, Cryme Officer, who was just signed by OGB Records, is no longer affiliated with the label.

Cryme Officer has reportedly lived separately from OGB Records, based on his own statements.

He revealed it lately when speaking with Sammy Atoubi Baah on the Sammy Flex.

Cryme Officer revealed his reasons for leaving OGB Records, including the fact that he felt he was wasting his time there because he had not put out any music in almost a year.

He continued by saying that this troubled him, so he ultimately made the decision to face his employer, Ogidi Brown.

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In their encounter, Ogidi Brown allegedly disclosed that he was dealing with some personal difficulties, which is why he was not making the necessary effort to be heard.

Eventually, despite their viral signing, which allegedly included schnapps and eggs as witnesses in the conventional fashion, they both chose to part ways amicably.

Watch video of his interview below;