commercial sex workers in Kumasi cry over lack of customers due to coronavirus.

sex workers in Kumasi are lamenting over the lack of business due to the fear of coronavirus.

One of them who calls herself the queen of the night, spoke in an interview and disclosed that, men no longer look their way because they fear coronavirus.

“Though I am afraid of the disease I have to confront it as it is my source of income. I used to entertain 10 customers a day, but with the advent of the coronavirus, only two customers have patronized me in four days, even at reduced prices,” Queen of the Night gave her account.

“Life has become hard. Since last week, I have not even slept with one customer, how am I going to pay for my rent and other bills? I am afraid of the COVID-19, but there are other diseases that kill. I pray that the disease is controlled as early as possible to reverse business to normalcy.” another lady who is of the same view disclosed.