“Come out and prove that you are not working spiritually against Lil win”- One God dares Kwaku Manu

Abusua alias One God, a seasoned Ghanaian fraudster and spiritualist, has challenged Kwaku Manu to refute his allegations that Kwaku Manu was attempting to spiritually damage his colleague actor Kojo Nkansah (Lilwin).

Abusua, whose real name is Kofi Amoteng, says he is able to reveal Kwaku Manu about his claims that the actor is plotting evil against Lil Win. He disclosed that Kwaku Manu obtained divine support from a priest in order to work against Kojo Nkansah.

I dare Kwaku Manu to deny not working evil against Lil Win- Abusua

“If Kwaku Manu says he is man enough he should come out and tell Ghanaians, he should dare me as to whether he has never sent Lilwin anywhere. He should state whether he has never sent Lilwin to a Pastor who works with the powers of mini gods to work against his work. He should deny it so I also tell Ghanaian what I know,” he stated on Oman Channel’s Pantoma show.

Watch the interview below.