“Churches and pastors are not supposed to provide hand sanitizers and mask to members”- Pastor Brian (video)

Social media users are insulting popular pastor and founder if iYes Ghana pastor Brian for his comments surrounding churches refusing to help members in this time on need.

Nana Addo directed all churches and social gatherings to shut down until further notice but some churches found a way to take offering through mobile money.

This led to some social media users angry and complaining that instead of the church to help members in this time of need, they are rather finding ways to take from members.

Commenting on this issue, pastor Brian revealed that, no one should expect the church or any man of God to help members because the money they give does not go into the pockets of the man of God.

His comments have angered alot of Netizens who are blasting him on social media for such childish comments.

watch the video below.