“Christians are to blame for 80% Ghana’s problems”- Captain smart

Captain Smart has launched a vicious assault on the country’s bogus pastors, as well as the gullible Christians who ignore logic to follow their pastors’ lies.

Captain Smart said that the extreme suffering in Africa can be due to the over-practicing of religion when responding to a video that went viral on the internet in which a group of irrational Christians were video butchering Satan with a machete.

According to Captain Smart, Christians are to blame for the majority of the world’s issues now, since Christians account for almost 80% of the world’s population.

Angry Captain Smart also said that Christians are behind many of the country’s corruption scandals and sagas.

On one of his vehement yet reflective rants, he said:

God doesn’t just bless people who pray, He blesses people who pray and also the reason so it is not about going to church to pray all day for God’s blessings. God will not bless you. Africa is like that we are fools.