Charter House breaks silent as to whether shatta wale and stonebwoy will be included in this year’s VGMA

Shatta wale and Stonebwoy gave the world a shock at the 20th Edition of the Vodafone Music Awards when they caused some mayhem on stage.

This happened after stonebwoy was named to take an award, shatta wale went to the stage for purposes only him can tell.

Stonebwoy who felt threatened pulled out a gun and the whole auditorium could not believe what they had witnessed.

The organizers of  VGMA, Charterhouse, released a statement that said they had banned the two dancehall artist indefinitely from the event.

Shatta wale and stonebwoy have been of good behaviour now and even did a peace summit to apologize to Ghanaians.

The two popular musicians are now good friends and Ghanaians have been asking if they will be forgiven by charterhouse and their ban lifted.

Charter House breaks silent as to whether shatta wale and stonebwoy will be included in this year's VGMA 1

Head of Public Events of the company, Robert Klah, has stated that, charterhouse as it stands now, cannot say that stonebwoy or shatta wale will be included in the event.

He disclosed that the decision will fall in the hands of a board that will be reconstituted when the deadline for submissions closes.

“As it stands, the resolve of the board still holds. When the board reconstitutes, they can decide whether the ban should be lifted or not,” he said.

He stated that “Reconstitution of the board is happening this month. Submissions are going to end on 31st but it doesn’t necessarily mean that work on nomination ends because when the board is working and they feel some particular music has done well, they can find out if submissions have been made and if submissions have not been made, sometimes, they reach out to the persons involved just to find out if they are willing to tender in. These are some of the things that happen in the background.”

no matter what happens, one thing is for sure, this year’s VGMA will not be the same with shatta wale and stonebwoy.