CCTV footage of how married Police officer kissed Maadwoa before shooting her 5 times to death – Watch

It has been confirmed that Maadwoa’s killer is a married police officer with children. 

An eyewitness revealed that Maadwoa was shot five times by her boyfriend at the forecourt of Dufie Towers in Kumasi. 

The police officer accused Maadwoa of cheating on him, which she denied. During a heated argument, he kissed her before shooting her multiple times until she died. 

According to Maa Adwoa’s uncle, the police officer shot her in the forehead, stomach, and other parts until she fell and passed away.

The brutal murder of Maadwoa has sparked outrage and calls for justice from the public. The fact that the perpetrator is a police officer has only added to the anger and frustration felt by many Ghanaians. 

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The incident has once again highlighted the issue of domestic violence and the need for more effective measures to prevent such crimes from happening in the future. 

Watch the video below;