Brawadis net worth: How Much does Brawadis make on youtube?

Brandon Awadis, popularly known as Brawadis, is a renowned YouTuber and the son of Ron and Sana Awadis, also known as Papa Rug and Mama Rug.

Brawadis was raised primarily in San Diego. He discovered a talent and an enthusiasm for basketball in high school, and he still has those traits today.

His professional career was influenced by this sport, and while in college he studied journalism with a focus on media studies and wanted to be an NBA analyst.

He made his social media debut on April 3, 2015, when he launched his “Brawadis” YouTube account and started publishing videos regarding basketball match analysis.

Later, he started to submit fun content like challenges and comedies. A year later, he started another YouTube channel called “BrawadisNBA,” where he only posts videos related to basketball.

His work is similar to that of the well-known blogger and YouTuber David Dobrik.

He is currently a prominent YouTuber who has amassed a following of approximately six million followers.

His relationship with Jackie Figueroa solidified his status as a celebrity, but it ended in 2017.

How Much does Brawadis make on youtube?

Brandon Awadis has a net worth of $4.5 million as of 2022. His YouTube channel, where he has amassed over 5.4 million subscribers, is his primary source of revenue.

His total amount of views on YouTube (which comprises over 1700 videos) exceeds 1.5 billion. Every day, his channel attracts an average of 500,000 views.