Black Man Plays Video of His ‘Oyibo’ Bride Cheating on Him At Their Wedding (Video)

A groom ruined his own wedding by revealing his lover’s infidelity. The couple was about to say their wedding vows in the video when the pastor asked if anyone had any objections.

The groom unexpectedly raised his hand, and everyone wondered what he had to say.

The groom turned to face the bride and expressed his love for her. He said he had something he wanted to tell her but didn’t know how.

On their wedding day, he decided to show her everything in a video, according to him.

Everyone screamed in surprise when they saw the bride kissing another man on video. The bride was embarrassed and covered her face with her flower vase.

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Social media users share their thoughts According to Victorfash:

“I’m sure he played her tape publicly to vindicate himself from that emotional blackmail and victim mentality that some ladies have. Now, he wouldn’t have to explain himself to anybody why he broke up. e don use one stone to kill many birds.”

He brought a remote after speaking with the bride and played a clip through a projector facing the congregation.