Bisa Kdei finally react to g@y rumors - Find out what he says 1

Bisa Kdei finally react to [email protected] rumors – Find out what he says

Bisa Kdei, a Ghanaian highlife singer, has spoken to and denied allegations made by a blogger that he is a homosexual (gay).

Bisa Kdei finally react to g@y rumors - Find out what he says 2

This was an earlier accusation made by an Instagram user named Arrogant dick, which repeated.

According to the Blogger’s post, Arrogant Prick claims that Bisa Kdei is gay…

a claim that the blogger is unable to objectively verify or corroborate

Bisa Kdei has responded to the post in a funny way, effectively taking the wind out of Arrogant Prick’s accusation that he is gay, which was carried by

Bisa Kdei said in a retweet that the writer or whoever made the comments should bring his or her sisters to testify that he is straight or gay.

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Bisa Kdei, in a nutshell, refuted the argument and claimed that the evidence of the pudding is in the feeding.

As a result, before the alligators have a woman, Ghanaians can take everything they say about his sexuality with a grain of salt.

below is his tweet;

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